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Rapid Spaceback



From €18,395

Rapid Spaceback


From €18,250


Safety comes first

You can rely on the Rapid Spaceback to protect you even under extreme conditions.

Standard equipment includes a wide range of safety features, such as the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) including ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and six airbags. The curtain airbags are fitted as standard and create a wall when activated to protect passengers in both the front and rear from potential head injuries.

The safety performance of the Rapid Spaceback is on a par with that of the Rapid liftback.


Outstanding practicality

Whether you are going on a big shopping spree or a family vacation, the Rapid can handle all situations extremely well. It is also able to adapt flexibly to changing requirements.

Folding down the rear seats increases the volume of the luggage compartment from a standard 550 litres up to a total of 1,490 litres.

If necessary, you can fold down one or two backrests to get more storage space while retaining a place for seating in the rear.


Modern technology

The Rapid Spaceback is fitted with proven modern technology, including the chassis, driveline and body, all carefully formed into a perfectly functioning, matching whole.

Entertainment can be laid on by one of two ŠKODA radios with a CD and MP3 player or by the Amundsen+ navigation system with an SD card reader. You can also purchase GSM phone + Bluetooth preparation, and additional devices can be connected to the ŠKODA audio system via USB or a 3.5 mm audio jack.


Crisp lines define ŠKODA’s new design language

It represents a new design language for the ŠKODA brand that brings with it clear lines, clean surfaces and balanced proportions. The front grille together with the headlamps creates a design whole that makes the car visually wider. The new ŠKODA logo distinctively stands out above the chrome frame of the grille.

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